Health Gates is a firm that designs, builds, operates and manages healthcare facilities.
We serve an array of business models, including primary care, specialty care , urgent care and home care. 


Powering Operation and Management of Healthcare Facilities by a unique Bio-Psycho-Social Approach and Holistic Patient Care, Moored on Standards and Enabled by e-Health. 


Build , operate, and manage to provide quality, innovative, flexible, cost effective healthcare services delivered with compassion and love.



Manage Existed Facilities

Plan, Design, Build and Operate New Facilities

Manage Healthcare Providers Networks

Manage Governmental

Private Public Partnership Business Model Setting

Manage Insurance Providers Networks

Manage Non-Profit Healthcare Services

Provide Audit and Consultation Services

Our Team

Well-informed, knowledgeable, self motivated and emotionally intelligent experts.
Leadership and operational skills in healthcare management.
Insight about marketplaces and exact assessments of needs.
Experienced analysts able and willing to convert factual data into reliable and meaningful information.
Professional separation between business requirements and predisposed believes.
Sharp in assessing implications, risks, opportunities, and potential rewards of market dynamics.
Leaders and advisers capable of managing any healthcare operation while providing motivation, coaching, vision, resources, support and guidance and continuously measuring and reassessing both progress and direction.
Fresh eyes to step into a new problem situation and assist with evaluations, strategy and planning.

Managing Partner Message

Our vision is to make the difference in the health sector and return to the practice based on scientific evidence, administrative experiences and knowledge to build an integrated system that helps the citizen and the resident to obtain medical and preventive care in a manner that builds the relationship of trust with the patient. We at Health Gates, through our quality projects, have a great ambition to be one of the tools to achieve the goals of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and its 2030 vision, which we consider as the road map for many sectors, including the healthcare one and we will not stop at building the ideal health provision model in terms of infrastructure and operation in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, but also in the Middle East region with God’s will. 

Dr.Abdullah Albuthi
Founder & Managing Partner

CEO Message

My 360 degrees local and international experience in the healthcare industry has taught me that the pillar of health project's success is patient satisfaction consequent to building a place where he feels at home and cared for by his own family. From this standpoint, we adopt at Health Gates operating models and medical care delivery cycles that mainly focus on the patient's needs, offering him compassionate centric care thus addressing his biological, psychological and social  aspects and relying on the best emotionally intelligent talents and the optimal use of technology. 

Dr. Marcel R. Daher
Chief Executive Officer

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